Weight loss and Fitness Consultant Chennai, Bariatric Surgeon, Gastroenterologist,obesity consultant

Weight loss and Fitness Consultant Chennai Le Midaz International focus on Medical Tourism and Weight Loss Consulting. Dr Perungo Thirumarai Chelvan is Bariatric Surgeon, Gastroenterologist and Obesity Consultant Chennai. Everything at Le Midaz International starts & ends with your healthy weight. It is our endeavour to offer you the best patient experience through the wide range of Surgical and Non Surgical Solutions. We at LeMidaz international would like to create awareness among the society exposing its harmfulness. We address the various underlying causes of obesity including unhealthy food habits, life style, stress, lack of exercise and others. LeMidaz international focuses on establishing physical well being by maintaining the body weight within normal limits. Unfortunately, obesity is under estimated for its ill effects it our body. To know more visit:
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